TPA Partners

Midwest Pension Actuaries, Inc. has been partnering with Third Party Administration firms around the country for over a dozen years allowing them to seamlessly expand their services. Over this time we have perfected the client sharing process.

Whether we act behind the scenes as an actuarial department or side by side as a trusted partner we will provide all the resources your firm will need to confidently offer a Cash Balance solution.

Some of the benefits of our Partnership include:

  • Speed of response.
    • Your clients want to know the answer, we understand that and respond to inquiries right away. Our phones are always answered.
    • The biggest complaint we hear is the lack of response from a prior actuarial firm
    • The biggest compliment we receive is how different we are
  • Free illustrations utilizing our state of the art Illustration portal
    • Illustrations are returned quickly to keep the discussion moving
    • Give it a test run, enter TEST as the company name
    • A link to the portal can be placed on your website, illustrations are returned to you
  • Partner Branded Illustrations
    • We can use your logo and corporate colors on illustrations
  • Partner Branded Materials
    • We have marketing materials that can be branded as well
  • You still administer the 401(k) Plan
    • You don’t have to turn away those combo plan requests.
    • Your firm still does full DC plan administration
  • We do all the combination testing
    • Save time on the DC side by not having to do discrimination testing
    • We use proprietary software to stay on the forefront of testing and design
  • Consulting
    • We are truly a partner and are there to help at anytime
    • Discussions directly with clients or advisors
    • Plan design changes or recommendations
    • Presentation assistance
  • Service, Service, Service
    • We are proud of our partner relationships
    • Your new client is our new client
    • We succeed when you succeed

Give us a call to talk about how we can begin working together to expand your services to include Cash Balance administration or improve the service of your existing Cash Balance arrangements.

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