Over the last 30 years, MPA has perfected dependable service that you can trust.

Midwest Pension Actuaries, Inc. is a third party administrator of retirement plans. We specialize in the design, implementation, and administration of all types of employee benefit programs. Our actuaries and consultants can design a retirement plan to meet your company’s specific needs. Our superior service assures not only a smooth transition or startup, but exceptional ongoing results.


401(k) PLAN

Traditional 401(k)
A 401(k) plan is a profit sharing plan with a 401(k) attachment. The 401(k) attachment allows participants to defer money out of their paychecks into the plan. The employee’s deferrals are tax deferred allowing for a tax savings in the current year. The deferrals are segregated to a participant’s account and grow tax deferred until retirement. learn more...

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